Assists are a new feature in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale. The number of assist characters is unknown, although they will likely surpass the size of the roster.

This feature has since been removed.


Assists in Battle Royale work different than in most games. In Battle Royale, assists work like the Partners mechanic. Before a match starts, if you do not have a partner with you, you can choose an Assist. These assists will assist you in the match.

Assists are either controlled by a CPU or a second player. For player 1, the controller in Player 3's slot controller P1's assist. P4 controls P2's assist. As for CPU's... yeah.

How Assists Work

In Battle Royale, Assists can be summoned in the same fashion that partners would normally be called in. By rotating the Control Stick 360 degrees (180 if you have Tap Jump ON) and pressing any 4 buttons, you summon your assist.

Once the assist is out on the playing field, he/she can attack opponents. These assists are, for the most part, balanced. No assisst is really good or really bad, except for one joke character, in the form of an assist.

Each assist has a minor moveset: An Anti-Air, a Grab, a Projectile, and one Final Smash. Assists will stay on the field for 12 seconds, unless their Final Smash is used, in which they will leave once used. An assist can be summoned once per stock- or, if you're on a time match, coin match, etc., once every 2 minutes.

There are unlockable assists.

Assists in Battle Royale

These are the confirmed assists so far. More characters shall be confirmed as time goes on.

Unlockable Assists