The Combo-Damage Meter (abbreviated as CDM) is a mechanic in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale.


See also: Combos

In Battle Royale, characters can chain together moves in order to pull off what is known as a "combo", a series of attacks that cannot be avoided once the first hit lands. The number of hits in a combo are shown above the characters percent damage. Once the number of hits in the combo counter exceed seven, a small gauge will appear below the character being attacked. Once this meter fills up, there are a few different things the player can do to boost their game a bit. Unlike the building of the Smash Gauge, the damage of the attacks do not effect anything - every hit adds the same amount of "meter".

When the Meter is Full

  • 1) Press Special. This will give you a small power boost - all attacks deal 1.25x more damage.
  • 2) Press the Jab button. This will cause the character to use their jab, and if it hits, the opponent will be sent back a small distance and become airborne. Easy to follow up, although the jab itself counts as a hit.
  • 3) Perform your second jump. The character will spring upward and not be put into a helpless state. Some characters take animations from their own series (Kirby, for example, does the animation when he jumps on another Kirby from Amazing Mirror).
  • 4) Press Grab. The character's grab will increase in range, although the animation is the same. Generally not worth it.
  • 5) Press Special, Jab, Jump, and Grab. You can store the meter you've earned and use it later. No matter how much you have, however, all of the above uses will remain the same yet still use all of the meter. However...
    • 6) Input the command for your Final Smash, Battle Attack, or Ultimate Smash when you've stored five CDM's. The character will light up like they do when they get a Smash Ball, and then use whatever Final Smash you inputted after 1 frame. Since one-frame links and such are generally absent in Battle Royale, this can become quite good for combo's.


  • This is the main reason Zero was considered the worst character before the modifying of gameplay mechanics. Whether that still holds true has yet to be seen.

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