• Event Match Name: Mario Super Heroes vs. Capcom
  • Description: What happened to Marvel? Mario will have to do...
  • Stock, Time, or Coins: Stock (everyone has 1)
  • Stage: Battlefield.
  • You: Mario (Partner: Luigi)
  • Opponent(s): Mega Man (Partner: Zero)
  • Teams: Yes
  • To Win: Beat Mega Man, Zero, and Tron
  • What You Win: Ryu Trophy.

This is an interesting Event Match. On lower difficulties, Tron will never use her assists, so she should go down rather quickly. The Mario crew can deal with Mega Man and Zero well enough. On higher difficulties, Tron will use her assists much more often, making her much more of a pain. Mega Man and Zero also become slightly harder. Thankfully, the AI becomes better on higher difficulties.

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