• Event Match Name: Qualification Round
  • Description: Animals are allowed in the WVBA, too? As long as they KO you enough, I suppose...
  • Stock, Time, or Coins: Time (1 minute)
  • Stage: Punch-Out! Stage
  • You: Knuckles. You have slightly increased power. You also have 3 stocks.
  • Opponent(s): Little Mac, Doc Louis, Glass Joe, all with slightly decreased weight.
  • Teams: The CPU is on a team.
  • To Win: KO Mac, Doc, and Joe once.
  • What You Win: Doc Louis and Glass Joe at Shop Royale (worth triple cost if you haven't beaten The Battle Arena yet)

This is a really hard Event Match on higher difficulties. Not that Knuckles is bad, but Doc, Mac and Joe are all on a team. You have one minute to KO 3 characters (one a heavyweight) in a minute. In the harder half of the first 10 Event Matches.


When the event match was first posted, you had to KO Doc, Mac, and Joe 3 times in one minute. This mistake has been fixed.

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