• Event Match Name: Quick and Stealthy
  • Description: Get the job done quick without being noticed. That's the way we work.
  • Stock, Time, or Coins: Time (Two minutes)
  • Stage: Metal Gear Solid stage or Sonic stage
  • You: Snake (Partner: Sonic)
  • Opponent(s): (You fight them all seperately) Peach
  • Teams: Yes, you and Sonic.
  • To Win: Defeat every opponent.
  • What You Win: The Tails Assist (on Medium or lower) or Big Boss Assist (Hard or higher).

This is an event match with a good reward, so good luck winning. Getting Tails isn't too hard since you can do it on the easiest mode, but getting Big Boss is a very hard task. Mostly it's the time limit that makes this Event Match tricky. Also, who in the world would want those specific characters taken out? It's pretty strange, I say.