In Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale, each character gets their own, unique Final Smash, similar to Brawl. However, each fighter now gets multiple final smashes. Each Final Smash is explained below.

Final Smash

  • Requires 1 gauge.
  • Performed by pressing the Special Attack button.
  • Can be used endless times.

Most of the time, Final Smashes are very important to a fighter. It only involves using one gauge, and the best ones can be used on a daily basis.

Battle Attack

  • Requires 3 gauges.
  • Performed by Pressing the Special/Jab/Jump buttons simultaneously.
  • Can be used 5 times per match.

Like the Final Smashes, Battle Attacks have a large impact on the character. However, these are better, for the most part. At the price of using 3 gauges (which isn't too hard to get, but challenging), you get an attack which is likely better than the Final Smash. If it's inferior to the Final Smash, it really affects the character.

Ultimate Smash

  • Requires 5 gauges.
  • Each Ultimate Smash has a different button input.
  • Can only be used once per match.

The Ultimate Smash is an insane addition to Battle Royale. All Ultimate Smashes either deal insane damage, or give insane buffs to a character. Of course, these demonic attacks cost all 5 gauges of the Final Smash Gauge, and can only be used once.

Requirements for Use

For information on how to use Final Smashes with a Smash Ball, see Smash Ball.

When you have the meter to use a Final Smash, you just perform the regular input; it's that simple! No Smash Ball required. You do, however, need the meter.