This page shows all of the combo's that can be used by Kirby in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale.


Kirby has very unbalanced combo's. His ground combo's are very unimpressive. They're easy to pull off, but the damage isn't really worth it. His air combo's, on the other hand, are totally demonic. Sure, they're all easy to use and don't deal great damage, but they can be used so frequently that it all works.


Ground-to-Air Combo's

Combo #1

  • Utilt -> -> Jump -> Bair -> Bair -> Nair (30%).

A decent combo, very nice combo to start off with. Works on heavyweights and some middleweights. Doesn't work on odd midweights (like Luigi) and lights.

Combo #2

  • Uthrow -> Uair -> Jumping Fair -> Jumping Fair -> Jumping Dair (30%).

Another pretty good combo for Kirby. The only thing that makes this more useful than the first is that it can spike, so use this near ledges. However, this only works on heavies.

Combo #3

  • Grab -> Pummel (once) -> Dthrow -> Grab -> Dthrow -> Jump -> Nair -> Land, Utilt -> Jump -> Uair -> Air Hammer (51%).

The damage would be so much better if weren't for how hurt Kirby's hammer is by damage scaling. 51% is nothing to sneeze at, though. While this is hard to pull off due to the insane timing of it all, as well getting the Utilt to hit after the Nair. It's wonderful to see in action, though. Works on heavies and midweights.

Ground Combo's

Combo #1=

  • Dtilt -> Ftilt -> Fsmash (32%).

Really easy, really nice damage. This is Kirby's only ground combo that's really worth mentioning at this point. It's strange in how it works, though- it only works on lightweights that are large, like Tron.

Air Combo's

Hoo boy.