Master Hand is the Final Boss of Arcade Mode in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale. He also appears in The Battle Arena and makes a cameo in All-Star Mode. Not much is known of his character; however he enjoys fighting the smashers, since this is his 4th attempt at beating them. In BR, he's much of the same while being very different.


Indeed, there are requirements to get to Master Hand; however they're all very simple.

  • Clear every stage in Arcade Mode

Yeah, that's only one requirement. And it's a necessity. Anyway, Master Hand fights much like he does in the previous games. Master Hand has been made much deadlier, although he still cannot combo.

Returning Moves

  • Jet: Master Hand makes himself look like a plane, then flies into the background. He attempts to fly into the player, then re-appears from the right. Deals 25%.
  • Ram: Master Hand flies off the screen, then appears in the background as a fist. He attempts to slam into the player, then flies back onto the stage from the top of the screen. Deals 34%.
  • Crush: Master Hand flies off the top of the screen. He then appears in the background, attempting to flatten the player. Deals 30%.
  • Lasers: Master Hand shoots a laser beam from each of his fingertips. Each laser deals 9% each.
  • Master Hand makes the shape of a gun, and fires bullet(s). He fires 1 set if above 50% of his HP, and three sets if below. The bullets deal 10% (one set) 15% (three sets).

More to come.

New Moves

  • Scissors: Master Hand moves his hands to make them look like a pair of scissors; he then swipes down the field, cutting away at his opponents. Deals 30%.
  • Loop-de-Loop: Master Hand points his fingers upward. He then soars forward in a looping motion (basically, a circle). Shakes his hand afterwards as a sign of being dizzy; he's completely vulnerable the entire time. Deals 32%.
  • Whirlwind: Master Hand swoops at the air, causing a whirlwind. This is his only projectile aside from Lasers. The whirlwind deals 20%.

More to come.


Master Hand was an absolute joke boss in Brawl; even in Melee, he wasn't a very big threat, probably the worst boss (Giga Bowser and Crazy Hand being his competition). In Battle Royale, Master Hand is an absolute beast. His damage is insane: It seems broken at first glance. However, since he can't combo and most of the moves can be easily avoided, they outset eachother. Besides, that's really only a problem to lightweights; the knockback isn't that good.

Master Hand could actually be considered a Glass Cannon, as he's a bit quicker than he was in Brawl. He's an actual threat this time around, by himself or with Crazy Hand. Good luck beating him on Impossible Difficulty.

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