Shop Royale is a new mode in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale. Here, you can buy things for the game, such as characters, stages, music, and more. This shop is run by a Shy Guy, although when something Advance Wars related is unlocked, Hachi will comment on how the Advance Wars game were some of the greatest ever made, similar to Advance Wars Dual Strike.


This is an offline mode, obviously. In Shop Royale, you spend Battle Points to buy things. Battle Points are earned in Battle Mode the easiest, although in a few other modes you can earn these.

Unlocking Characters

Every single unlockable character can be bought in this shop. Each character has a certain way of appearing in here.

  • By beating the Battle Arena, you can buy Luigi, Paper Mario, Yarn Kirby, Funky Kong, Wolf, Roy, Professor Layton, Saki Amamiya, and Zero for 500 Battle Points.
  • You can buy Glass Joe and Doc Louis after clearing Mac's Reward Wall Challenges for 100 Battle Points.
  • After unlocking every single character, beating the Battle Arena, playing on every stage at least once, using every character at least once, playing for at least 80 hours, unlocking at least 4 alternate outfits and buying an Advance Wars-related item, ??? can be brought from Hachi for 1000 Battle Points.

Unlocking Stages

Unlocking Icons

  • You can buy a Tank Symbol (Advance Wars) for 50 Battle Points after clearing "Break the Tank" with every character.
  • You can buy a Warpstar Symbol (Kirby) after unlocking Yarn Kirby. Costs 50 Battle Points.
  • You can buy a Servbot Logo (Mega Man Legends) after clearing Tron's Arcade Mode for 50 Battle Points.

Unlocking Music

Unlocking Secret Event Matches

  • Unlock Event Match Batch #1 after clearing the first 50 Event Matches. These can be brought for 300 Battle Points.
  • Unlock Event Match Batch #2 after clearing Event Match Batch #1. Brought for 310 Battle Points.