The Smash Gauge is a new feature in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale. When describing how to increase (or decrease) the amount inside, it is referred to as "meter".


As you fight, something known as the "Smash Gauge" fills up. As it fills, you can use the Final Smashes, powerful attacks that vary from character to character. You can also use the "Smash Counter", which takes up two gauges to use. To build meter, you simply need to land an attack - quite simple. Whiffing attacks does not build meter.

To gain 1 meter, a total of 30 "attack points" (name under construction) must land.

Gaining Meter

  • The most reliable way to gain meter is to land an attack. Each attack builds meter differently, but as a starting point, all jabs (minus King K. Rool's) build the same amount of meter - it takes 30 jabs to build 1. Specifics can be found on character pages (work in progress). Final Smashes build no meter, however; transformation Final Smashes, unless noted otherwise, do not build meter.
  • Blocking attacks also gains meter, albeit much less; the guarder gains 1/4 of the meter the opponent would get, had the move landed. If an attack that has an attack point of 4 is shielded, then only 1 point is added to the player who guarded. No meter is added to the character who used the attack. While unreliable, it does help against powerhouses.
  • In Luigi's case, specific taunts of his build meter.
    • A neat way to build meter, while also showing off, is by scoring a K.O. with a combo count. If you landed a 7 hit combo, you'd build the equivalent of 7 attack points. Especially fun in Treacherous Royale.

Losing Meter

  • Specific characters have attacks that can reduce the meter of their opponent. While quite rare, it's a valuable asset.
  • Being K.O.'d results in a loss of 10 Attack Points. Self Destructing results in a loss of 20.
  • There are items that cut enemy meter.

Final Smashes

See main article: Final Smash


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