Storybook Royale is a fairly minor game mode in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale. Here, you can do a variety of things, although none of them really have to do with fighting.

Storybook Royale

This mode allows you to view the storybook for Battle Royale. The storybook has four general uses:

There isn't much, and it's really more of a "just for fun" mode. Still, it can prove for some fun.

Accessing Storybook Royale

Yes, there's actually a method that needs to be used to get to Storybook Royale. After buying it at Shop Royale, it won't be available on the Main Menu. What you need to do is go to Single Royale, go to the Smashers Domain in The Battle Arena and select the Storybook. When you beat the Battle Arena, it becomes available on the Main Menu.

Short Stories

The Battle Arena

Arcade/Classic Mode

In the Arcade/Classic Mode section of the Storybook, you can see hand-drawn images of several characters' intro's and endings. For some characters, they are drawn by specific characters: For Kirby and King Dedede, they are drawn by Adeliene. For Bowser, they are (poorly) drawn by a Goomba. The description/dialogue is purely written and never spoken.

You can also read up on each characters' story for Arcade/Classic Mode. They aren't hand-drawn, although the clips shown are ripped straight from the characters' playthrough.

Event Matches

Custom Made Stories



  • Storybook Royale wasn't originally intended to be in Battle Royale. After all, it's extremely unfitting for a fighting game and was at first intended to be a minor aspect of The Battle Arena. Soon, ideas grew, and creator Kirbyfan66 decided to make it an entire game mode.