Treacherous Royale is a game mode in Battle Mode in Super Smash Bros. Battle Royale.


Treacherous Royale is a mode in which character balance is severely hampered. Essentially, every single character can be considered "broken", "unbalanced", or "unfair" in their own right. If a Tier List were to be made (which it won't), even the worst character could be considered one of the best against Battle Royale's regular cast. On top of that, items, assists, and assist trophies are given boosts as well, to add to the craziness. However, they can all still be turned off - the unbalance always remains.

Character Modifications


  • Nair deals 5% more damage and does not have sex kick properties.
  • Fair comes out instantly.
  • Fireballs travel much farther distance, can be combo'd out of early on in combos, and the exact frame the fireball is sent out, Mario can use any move again.
  • F.L.U.D.D. deals damage; 5% minimum, 25% max.
  • Super Jump Punch travels 140% of the regular distance.
  • Cape can reflect all non-Ultimate Smash projectiles.
  • Can once again Cape Glide.
  • Increased weight by 5 lbs.
  • Down-Tilt breaks through shields.
  • Dash Grab given Pivot Grab range and regular-grab end lag.
  • Mario Tornado gets a vacuum effect.
  • Starship Mario can be combo'd out of.


  • The only character who prevents opponents from building meter for their Combo-Damage Meter completely.
  • Overall power increased 1.65x.
  • Rekkoha cannot be interrupted - Zero is completely invincible before and after the attack is used. Loses invincibilty afterwards.
  • Speed is doubled when using Sogenmu. Meter building is also doubled, instead of the building being normal.
  • Range on all of his tilts, Smashes, and his jab are increased 1.5x.
  • Ryuenjin distance doubled.
  • Scaling effects his combo's much less.

Item Modifications

Assist & Assist Trophy Modifications

Gameplay Modifications

  • Air dodge can be used infinitely, similar to Brawl.


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